Frequently Asked Questions – Dolphin Ears Tours

How Many People Are On The Boat?

We Carry no more than 6 People and only one group. Our trips are a minimum of 4 tickets purchased and a maximum of 6 people. Your group will have the boat all to yourselves! So Relax and Come See !!

Where Do We Go?

We go to the Banana River and the Sand Bar. If that’s not your thing then we can go through the Lock and into Port Canaveral and take a tour of the Port and see the Cruise Ships! Just let us know at time of booking and we are good to go. Come See !!

How Long Is The Trip?

The trips are approximately 2 hours “from Dock to Dock”.

What Can We Bring

Sun Screen, towels if you want to get in the water, snacks, lunch, drinks, beer/wine/etc, Anything as long as its legal! Just remember NO GLASS on a boat! The store sells these things as well as Ice and other essentials. We have a cooler on the boat.

Do We Get Off the Boat?

Yes! But you don’t have to if you don’t want to! We stop and anchor at the sand bar. which is an actual sand bar in the water. It is a shallow area on one side and deep on the other so we can either walk in the water or swim!

This is the best area for Dolphin and Manatee sightings and where We drop the Aqua Mic and listen to the wildlife. We can go to the deep area and watch animals or maybe relax floating in a tube. Mix it up and try everything!

Can Our Dog Come With Us?

Yes Of Coarse! Make sure you bring a leash and pick up bags as all areas have strict leash and clean up rules, as well as on the sand bar.

Is There A Bathroom On The Boat?

No there is no bathroom on the boat. However there are bathrooms next to the dock.

Is Tipping a Thing?

Yes if you want to! Its totally up to you. It is a thing in most service industry jobs in Florida.

Where Do We Park?

Parking Instructions are on our “Map and Parking” Tab