Before I get started let me say YES this is a real picture from one of my trips from my boat. 

I have been doing Eco Tours in this area for a little over 4 years. We have seen Dolphins almost EVERY TRIP since I started! In fact, we have seen Dolphins on all but 3 trips since I started! And I say that on every trip so as to take the jinx off. It is amazing to be able to be around these beautiful creatures in the wild, in a non intrusive way, in an area where they are not bothered by natural predator’s or in some pool somewhere.

The things the scientists have discovered about these mammals is evident in their daily lives. When we see a mom and baby (calf) swimming together and how the pods swim in perfect sync, the group interaction when a calf is born, you realize they are social creatures, just like us, who communicate with each other, actively teach their young, have emotions and are conscious of the environment around them. So many reasons we take precautions to respect the animals and the environment on every trip! I get asked all the time “does it ever get old” and the answer is no.

Every trip is different…and I get to go swimming 4 times a day! So if you love being around these animals like we do and want to see them in their own world, come out with us or any of the other “in the wild” tours in our area instead of one of the captive places and see the difference with the happy healthy Dolphins and Manatees and Rays, alligators (not where we swim!), birds and fish and all the other wildlife who are there, just like us, hangin out and doin their own thing in the “Real World”.

Come See !

Captain Mike